The History of Firefighter Helmets

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One of the most important element to firefighter gear is the helmet. Of course we all know the reason behind it. Helmets were worn for centuries to protect firefighters from heat, cinders, and falling objects. However, they have changed over the years for better protection.

Helmets have evolved from leather to metals to composite helmets made from lightweight polymers and other plastics.



The Leather Helmet are no longer in use save for a few fire departments in North America. It is now an international symbol representing firefighters in the early years of firefighting.



Metal Helmet

Metal Helmets were used in the early centuries among the French, British, German and others. Helmets were made from a variety of metals including brass, aluminium and steel.



The Modern Helmet worn today in the U.S. and Canada along with the United Kingdom, Australia and parts of Asia. The newer "Metro" helmet are mare of thermoplastic or composite materials.




The helmet band is here! All leather, includes your name, all firefighter!


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