Camp Fire Safety

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Summer is half way over and if you haven't gone out to explore the outdoors now is the time to do so. However, with great camping comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to building a fire. Here are a few tips to help you out in the wild:



  • Keep fire at least 15 feet away from trees, bushes, or structures and clear a 10-foot diameter of any grass, twigs, leaves, and firewood. Beware of low-hanging branches
  • Gather burning materials such as small sticks, twigs, leaves and dry wood. Use very dry wood with bark removed to avoid smoke. Do not burn dangerous materials such as glass, aluminum, or aerosol cans
  • Keep fire small and under control
  • Never leave fire unattended
  • Allow wood to burn completely to ash
  • Pour and ample of water on the fire to drown embers. Keep pouring until hissing sound stops
  • Use shovel to stir ashes and embers while breaking up sticks and logs
  • Mix dirt with embers to cool it down - don't bury the fire, it will keep smoldering underneath

There you have it. If you guide yourself with these steps and be smart, you will not only have the funnest camp fire in the mountains but the safest.




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