5 Apps Every Firefighter Should Check-out

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With new phones, tablets and laptops coming out every year it's almost impossible to keep up with all the upgrades. Luckily Apps are the opposite and are easily accessible no matter what device you have.


We have gathered 5 apps every firefighter should check-out with the help of Appcrawlr.


  • Cadpage - With a 9.5 rating, Cadpage reads text messages from a central FIRE/EMS Dispatch service. This provides user with the information giving them an option to locate the incident on a map and get directions to it.


  • FireAlert - This app can be for more than just firefighters. When missing a text is not an option, it is the go to for Firefighters and other professions.


  • IAFF Foundation Pro-Calendar - This pro-calendar is an app designed by a firefighter for firefighters and supports IAFF Foundation Charities. With every purchase a portion of the sale proceeds benefit several IAFF Foundations.


  • Firefighter Pocketbook Lite - Review firefighter material on the go! This training tool allows you to practice Quizzes, Flashcards, Skill Sheets, Scene Checkoffs, and MORE!


  • Firefighter Lights & Sirens - Have fun while fighting fires with this app that allows you to flash the screen of your phone with a color and simultaneously playback a sound. Customize everything you seen on the screen with the variety of profiles, a ton of sounds, sync with other devices, ringtone, alarm clock and much more. 



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