About Us

Dave and Wendy Pickle are the owners of Fully Involved Stitching. We started the company in 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah. We began as an Independent ISP to help Utah Fire Departments save money while keeping Firefighters safer by maintaining bunker gear at an affordable price. By serving local departments we were able to keep costs down and offer an unbelievable quick turnaround time on turnout repair.

Today we are taking this same idea to products that Firefighters can be proud of. Christmas of 2008 Dave was looking for gifts to give his crew that showed their Firefighter pride. Nothing was available so he came up with the idea to sew aprons that resembled their turnout gear. These were a big hit and a new company was born. It is very important to us to ensure our products are the real-deal. We understand what Firefighters are looking for. We are committed to providing low cost yet high quality items to all Firefighters everywhere. The Firefighter discount for everyone.