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Christmas of 2008 I was looking for gifts to give my crew that showed their Firefighter pride. Nothing was available so I came up with the idea to sew aprons that resembled their turnout gear. They were a huge hit and Fully Involved Stitching was born. 


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Our company is all about personalization (as you could tell from our last blog), but it is all about handmade items too! Everything from our Wallets to Yard Flags is uniquely made from either Real Turnout Material or Look-Like Turnout Material.


Our wallets are made from the real turnout material and is definitely our biggest hits during the Christmas season.





At Halloween time, our variety of outfits are huge hits! These outfits are made from the Look-Like material. We have seen many Firefighter costumes that don't show the reality of Firefighter bunker gear. It was very important to us that our outfits represented the actual gear. This are definitely the Halloween costume that the little Firefighter would never want to take off!


Baby Turnout Gear



As you can see it is very important to us to ensure our products are the real-deal. We understand what Firefighters are looking for. We are committed to providing low cost yet high quality items for all Firefighters everywhere.

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