Dalmatian - The Official Fire Dog

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Everyone knows that the Dalmatian is the official Firehouse dog. However, before the invention of automobiles they were more than just a mascot.

Fire Steamer

As early as the 1700s Dalmatians were known to accompany Fire Carriages. When the fire alarm would sound the dogs would run outside of the station to warn any standing by that the Fire Carriage was coming through.

However, they did more than just that. Dalmatians would also run along the carriage to the destination of the blaze. Along the way, they protected the horses and keeping them calm when approaching the fire and protect the Fire Carriages while the Firefighters were fighting the flames.

Fire Dog Sparkles

Why Dalmatians? According to Wikipedia, Dalmatians have a natural liking to horses and are easily trained to guide horses to the fire.

Firefighters still honor Dalmatians as the official Firehouse Dog and often keep them as pets.



In honor of all Firehouse Dogs we are introducing our new Black Dog Leash. Leashes go perfect with our matching Dog Collars. Both are personalized just for that loyal friend of yours!

Fully Involved Dog

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